A Tale of Two Red Wines

Are you in the look-out for the best wines around? There are a number of varieties of wine to see for yourself but a combination of two of the most popular wines around is a must have nowadays. The Cabernet Merlot wine is a very delicate combination of two of the most well-known wines around namely the Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon. From the Bordeaux region in France, the wine has come a long way reaching regions in Australia and also in California with its distinctively rich taste and flavour set forth by the perfect combination. The wine mixture is in deep black colour with a bouquet that shows the flavours of dark plum, violets and lastly, soft chocolate.

The Merlot grape wine has made quite a name for itself since it ripens in just a short period of time compared to others. It is commonly used to blend well with other wine varieties that are of strong taste. And because of this quality that it possesses, Merlot wine has become one of the most planted grape varieties across the globe. And since it ripens early, it gives Merlot-based wines a bit of fleshiness. These wines usually have a medium body with soft touches of plum, berry and currant. On the other side of the combination, the Cabernet Sauvignon has a stronger taste that comes from a highly versatile variety of grape. This type of wine has been used to blend in with others that are of milder taste. In addition, the Cabernet Sauvignon provides the combination with better aging traits and structure due to its high tannin values.

The Cabernet sauvignon and the Merlot vary in size; the first is smaller but can still give body to the combination and the latter softens the strength of the first. The Cabernet Merlot blend comes with aromas of black currant and dark berries that are made richer with hints of eucalyptus, chocolate and subtle oak. The strength and the blending capabilities of each of the two distinct wines make the mixture all the more flavourful and interesting. The weight and richness of the Cabernet is toned down with the blending of the Merlot that makes the combination a bit softer and more elegant. Ideally, the wines are blended in a cool climate in order to achieve the best results.

The lightness of Merlot wine blends well with the strength and body of Cabernets that bring about quite a rich and complex wine mixture. The combination of their differences in terms of quality, taste and other characteristics seem to make the Cabernet Merlot wine such an interesting wine to try and check out. This wine pairs well with many types of cuisines among of which are red meat, pork, poultry, and pasta with a rich and thick sauce.

This great blend of two of the most sought after red wines really makes it a perfect combination and something which could be paired in any type of dish. You can never go wrong with this type of blend since it has just the right taste to satisfy your palettes.

Get the perfect mix of two of the best tasting red wines in the market with Cabernet Merlot wine. This gives you a rich and very flavorful taste which will surely leave a lasting impression on you.