Clean Up The Uric Acid Disposal Channels In your Body For Gout

It’s the years of consuming all those industrial processed and refined food plus the chaotic up-side-down way of life that drive the liver and kidneys over and above its limits which ultimately weaken these organs’ abilities to properly process and eliminate the purine and uric acid. Instead of wasting your time and energy on remembering the list of high purine food to avoid and taking those useless gout medicines, you need to concentrate on learning how to revitalize the the liver and kidneys so that they can return to its initial uric acid processing skills.

There are two channels to dispose off the uric acid created in the liver, the Intestine (via gallbladder bile duct) and the Kidney. If there’s too much urea (product of amino acids break down) because of your high protein diet, this may burden both the liver and kidneys. The urea or other toxic by-products will occupy these two disposal channels and this may significantly reduce disposal rate of uric acid. Here will be the present situation with the Uric Acid Output Channels inside your liver and kidneys.Now do you see the root trigger of one’s problem?

This explains why all the drugs (Allopurinol, Uloric, etc) and the drastic change of diet plan, consuming tonnes of cherries or other house remedies can by no means lower down your uric acid completely to stop your hyperuricemia or gout problem. This is because none of these methods function on cleaning the blocked Uric Acid Outputs, the Liver and Kidneys.From the aspect of food, try to consume as light as you possibly can. Light means something that is easy to digest. It is simple to tell whether a specific food is easy to digest or not. Any food that makes you feel sleepy or tired after the meal is regarded as ‘heavy’ food, simply because it demands much more blood to flow into the digestion tracts to work breaking it down and this causes less blood flow for your brain and that’s why you really feel sleepy and hard to concentrate.

Heavy foods are generally meaty high protein, high fat and high carbohydrate.On the contrary, light food is generally tends to make you really feel fresh and recharged following consuming it. It is usually plant based and usually served raw or lightly cooked like fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables. And simply because these foods are simple to be digested, and that makes you really feel hungry again fast. To overcome that, it’s suggested that you have a good mixture of light and heavy food. An ideal ratio would be 60% of light food and 40% of durable heavy food.Do not drink an excessive amount of of fluids (water, beer, juices, and so on) correct after your meal simply because that will dilute the digestion enzymes and that will disturb the digestion procedure. Drink a small glass of water or other beverages following your meal and drink more water about 2 hours following your meal because that is when water is needed to dissolve the digested nutrients and make it simpler for absorption in the small intestine.

Massage Your Liver & Kidneys Do NOT try to massage those organs by extending your hands to the back where the liver or kidneys are located and squeeze or tap on those parts. It’s not going to function! You must know that those vital organs are hidden deep in your torso and protected from external impacts by the layers of muscles and fats. The only way you can ‘massage’ those organs is by stimulating them with Reflexology.All organs in the body are connected by a series of complex nerve networks and blood capillaries and you will find certain zones on your feet and hands that reflex the nerves in the liver and kidneys. Applying some pressure through massage or acupressure on these zones will stimulate the smooth muscles movement within these organs.

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