Wine and Weddings

Picking out the right wedding gift can be very easy however at times it can also be very tedious; it really depends on whether you are friends with the bride and groom or one or the other. There are many who only give presents to close friends while there are even more who are willing to give gifts to just about anyone. No matter the case, weddings are a great time for everyone to give gifts and make people happy.

In her quest for the perfect wedding gift to her best friend/twin sister Margaux, my wife decided to log online and read reviews on appliances, particularly a wine refrigerator. The reason for this is that her sister tends to buy appliances that do not last to long and she happens to be a wine drinker with a love for parties. After she checked out some different reviews, she opted for the Danby refrigerator as a gift.

The Danby refrigerator has a mechanical thermostat, a no-hassle push button defrost, and very nice reversible door swing for convenient left or right hand opening. The 24-month parts and labor coverage warranty was one of the best perks to buying this particular wedding gift. After making her decision on which Danby refrigerator to buy, my wife finally made the trip to an appliance store. After a little bit of time in the store she came home with a big grin on her face. She had ended up buying two refrigerators, one for her sister and one for us.

Although a wine refrigerator is a tad bulky and maybe a little pricey, it really is a fantastic wedding gift for any couple who is into wine. With a couple just getting married, creating a home will be one of their first priorities and giving them the gift of a good home appliances is perfect. Many major department stores will include appliances such as wine refrigerators on their bridal registries.

Giving a gift such as a wine refrigerator is a great way to make sure your wedding present stand out from all the other gifts the couple receives. Of course, items such as giant greeting cards and caricatures of the couple make for unique wedding gifts as well, however a nice wine refrigerator will prove useful and last for many years.

No matter what you choose to give as a wedding gift, remember that it is the thought itself and not the price you pay for the gift that matters most.

Compare a Uline wine cooler to a Danby wine cooler and see which is best.