Wine Making

Steps Involved in Wine Making.This is a very easy technique when compared with all other methods for making alcoholic drinks. Wine making kits are also available for wine making. There are six basic steps followed in wine making. They are viticulture, harvesting, crushing, fermentation, clarifying the solution, bottling.

You should choose the grape carefully as it plays an important role.The grapes variety is based on the place it is grown, the soil’s nature, the humidity content, the climate of the place, and most importantly the wine making techniques followed.

Then harvest the cultivated grapes.When the grapes are fully ripped and reaped it is highly crucial that the time for ripping the grapevines is appropriate and the accurate timing can be determined only through experience. The gleaning of the grapes can be either done automatically or manually, but most of the grape wine makers rip it manually.The next important step after the grapes harvesting is to crush the grapes and compress so as to have their intrinsic flavors in the liquid form. When the fruits are crushed nicely the grapes draw off their wet content and also the sugars. The resulting liquid which is prepared after crushing and compressing the fermented wine is referred to as must, at this level the wine will change into red or white color based on the taste of the wine maker.The wines change to a red color when they are just left after they are nicely crushed because in this level juices from the outer skin and the flavors are removed, thus when one leaves the liquid in this form for a certain time period, the wine changes into red wine, and if one at once crushes the wine after compressing and separating the skin then the wine changes into white wine.Once the crushing and pressing of the grapes is done, the fermentation happens as the grapes have great amounts of sugar and moisture they with ease get fermented with the response of wild yeast. This process takes about 10 to 30 days; all the same this is based on the quality of grapes and the climate.

The next basic step in wine making process is clarifying the solution. It is also known as stabilization.

Last but important step for you is to transfer them to drums or other containers.

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