How Can A Round Placemat Make A Table Look Appealing

With budgets tight, those wanting to create a new look in their homes are looking for cheaper ways of doing it. By using a round placemat under a dinner plate, it can help to create a nice clean look. These are especially nice when the table is also round as it keeps the mats from all laying on top of one another.

Anywhere that someone can purchase tablecloths or linen napkins, they can also pick up the mats. They are sold in an array of color and design. Another option is to design and create one for themselves. They are very easy to make and can really make a table look great.

If someone has made the choice to make their own, it is a very simple process. Stop by the local fabric store and find something that gives the look that is desired. A simple pattern cut from a brown paper bag will work very well. Then it is just a matter of cutting the fabric, sewing the right sides together leaving about two inches to turn the mat inside out. Hand sew the final few stitches to close it up and press. If the fabric chosen is a lightweight, it may be necessary to add some interfacing to the the wrong side of one of the pieces before sewing.

By adding the placemats to a table setting, it can create a completely different look. There are any number of fabric choices and finding just the right design or color should be easy. Adding those splashes of color will make the table look perfect.

Not only are the mats decorative, but they are very beneficial in keeping the finish on the table looking good. They help to avoid scratches to both the dinnerware as well as the table. The decor can enhance any homeowner’s style.

Although there are a number of different shapes to choose from a round placemat fits quite well under a plate. They are a really cheap way of bringing the entire place setting together. They can be in colors that compliment or contract with the other table linens to provide a personality of their own.

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