Purchase Charming Wooden Salad Sets

Wooden salad sets have graced domestic kitchen tables for several decades. The thin, cheap ones might have ended-up in the garbage a long time ago, but better-made ones will last for many years. As consumers try to get back to nature by choosing organic foods, wood reflects their intentions. Serve colorful salads from these and make a good impression at your next dinner party.

A basic set comes with three components. One is the big mixing bowl. This can be quite deep or relatively wide and shallow. Along with the big piece are several smaller, matching bowls. Finally, the consumer needs tongs to serve and mix with. Some look much like long, wooden baking spoons and forks of the same design. Others are short and wide like stubby combs.

The bowl sometimes sits on a narrow platform. Some versions sit flat on the table. There are regular, round types which would form an orb if fitted together. Others are spherical, while there are versions which have a pronounced angle like a triangle, ending with a vertical lip around the edge.

While particular lines add angles to circles, other styles flow with patterned movement. Their alternating high-low edges form attractive shapes. Some are quite distinctly formed to look like something other than a bowl such as a large leaf.

Accompany this kind of dish with other shallow forms in oval or creative shapes. These would be ideal for presenting salad ingredients which guests could combine on their own plates. Choose a pattern which comes with metal accents for a bit of contrast.

Whenever someone likes the effect of wood, that consumer can choose synthetic products of go with the real thing. They pay more for authentic cherry, bamboo, or acacia, but the quality is much higher. Many real wooden salad sets remain odor-free so long as they are hand-washed after each use. Another aesthetic advantage is the unique pattern of each bowl formed by the natural grain.

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