Can You Make Luxury Wine at Home?

Although many people know that they can make homemade wine, there is still a prevailing thought that homemade wine is not going to be as good as the high class wine you pay fifty dollars or more for per bottle. This is because of the overall image that home cooking is either vastly superior to restaurants or vastly inferior and unfortunately for drinks, people tend to lump homemade alcohol into the inferior category. However, it is perfectly possible to make very luxurious homemade wine at home. From the best red wine to the delicate ice wine, making the best wine is mostly a matter of having the right ingredients, clean equipment and good recipes.

The Right Ingredients

You can make wine out of just about anything, but if you want to make really good wine, it is necessary to have the best ingredients! For example, if you are making ice wine, the grapes must be harvested frozen and pressed still frozen in order to extract the most flavour out of them. Premium red wines are made with grapes that are organically grown and harvested at just the right time. You should also make sure that the yeast you’re using is fresh and the sugar is sweet and clean.

Clean Equipment

The number one reason for wine going bad is because of equipment that isn’t sterilized correctly. The bacteria in unsterilized equipment can cause trouble for the fermentation of the wine and lead to musty, stinky and undrinkable wines. Make sure that all of your equipment is properly sterilized through their use and make sure to wash your hands whenever they get dirty. A little care will pay off in big dividends when it comes to your homemade wine.

Good Recipes

This one is a little trickier because of the trial and error which may be involved in order to find a good recipe for your needs. Try to find recipes with good reviews and that seem right; after a while, you?ll get a feel for how a wine recipe should look. However, there will be a certain amount of experimentation to go through as well, particularly for the more exotic wines like candy wine or vegetable wines. When you find recipes you like, make sure to put them someplace safe along with any notes on changes you made to the recipe.

Making high class homemade wine is mostly a matter of having the right equipment, ingredients and recipes as well as practice. It is perfectly possible to make high luxury homemade wine at home, so start honing your skills and amazing your friends and family!

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