Preparing Your Equipment for Making Wine at Home

One of the primary reasons why so many people end up with wine that flops is inadequate preparation of supplies before you even start. Taking proper care that your fruit is prepared and that your equipment is ready to go will help ensure that your wine is done properly and ends up tasting great!

Preparing the Fruit

No matter which kind of fruit you decide to use (or vegetable or any base really), it’s important to properly prepare it before you start mashing it up. Any fruit must be carefully washed and grapes can be tested for juice (squeeze it and see how juicy it is) and you can even test the sugar content in your grapes using a hydrometer (the sugar content should be between 22 and 24 brix). Any fruit used should have the stems removed (stems can make the wine taste bitter) and of course remove any seeds if there are any. And of course make sure that none of the fruit is rotting before you prepare it! Proper preparation of the fruit you are using in your homemade wine will help ensure that it tastes good.

Preparing the Equipment

The next thing to make absolutely certain of is your equipment. Equipment that isn’t properly cleaned and sanitized will leech bacteria into your wine and ruin it. Sanitize your bottles and other equipment with boiling water and gentle cleansers every time you use it in order to make sure it stays clean and thus your wine stays pure.

Taking proper care of your equipment and your ingredients is one of the most basic and easiest things you can do to make good homemade wine. Without this level of care, your wine will very well end up musty, poor tasting and ruined. It doesn’t take much to ensure that your wine will actually taste good, just some care in the beginning. You’ll be amazed at how much better your homemade wine will turn out for it!

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