The Tradition Of Brown Betty Teapots

For the tea lovers, especially in Great Britain, having that hot cup of perfect morning beverage is a daily essential. These experts know the difference between a classical tea result and that mixture of plain tea leaves with some sugar. Furthermore, these caffeine addicts advise the first step to reaching that wonderful product all depends on what kind of kettle it was produced in. Their recommendation is Brown Betty teapots.

One of the main reasons people have loved using this teapot ever since the 1600’s is that it is made up of the best materials, particularly the red clay. This special type of earthy mineral is found mostly in Stoke-on-Trent in England. The reason for its great success is that it ensures that the heat needed for that ideal tea stays around longer and with a stronger presence.

Later, after the clay was fired, a creative type of glaze was used to give the product its finishing touches. Known as the Rockingham Glaze, it has the effect of creating designs on the vessel, similar to messy streaks on the pot bellies.

When it was first coming out, the teapot went through many designs. One of them was tall and slim. However, the design that proved to be the best was the rounded and more stubbed version. This design plays a function in the tea-making process. It guides the leaves in such circles that bring out the best and less bitter flavor.

During the Victorian age, the middle class benefited the most from the Betty. This is because they were finally provided with an affordably designed vessel in which to enjoy the ever popular addiction.

Currently, the Brown Betty teapots have become lighter in mass and often break easily. People wanting the original products are continuously dismayed as many companies have tried and failed to bring back the traditional results. Perhaps the biggest reason for this decline in quality is that machines have replaced true human diligence and creativity.

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