Three Suggested Mocktail Mixes For Mother’s Day

They are like flowers leisurely losing its beauty but they are dignified and iron-willed like a bottle of vintage wine. Their faces might be bombarded with wrinkles and age marks but their hearts stay as loving as always. Mothers might age but doesn’t mean that they should turn off the beats of life’s party music and pack up. They say that life begins are 40. If you are one of those loving motherswho have raised a kid or two, this one is for you. Definitely, don’t stop the music when you turned 40. Raise you wine glasses up and celebrate the glorious years of motherhood with these terrific non-alcoholic cocktail mixes that you can shake and drink.

Shirley Temple


3 oz lemon-lime soda 3 oz ginger ale 1 dash grenadine Maraschino cherry

She will constantly be the face of innocence and the epitome of youth. Her name is Shirley Temple and her name is adopted into a sweet cocktail drink that your mamas can drink. Simply mix equal parts of lemon-lime soda and ginger ale in a cocktail shaker. Shake it well and pour over a glass of promotional wine glass or a Collins glass and top it off with grenadine. Finish it off with a Maraschino cherry and party.

Sparkling Cranberry Punch


2 quarts cranberry cocktail juice, chilled 1-6 oz can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed 1 quart sparkling water, chilled

Mothers should consistently shine and sparkle. They might not have the brilliance of their youth but the yummy taste of Sparkling Cranberry Punch will permanently make them feel youthful and glowing. Savor the sparkle of glowing youth by putting together all ingredients in a punch bowl. Beyond doubt, preparing this fruity concoction is no sweat. Serve it on a custom logo wine glass or the conventional cocktail glass and cheers for the years that you have endured as a woman of might.

Spring Fever


3/4 oz lemon juice 3/4 oz mango syrup 1 1/2 oz apple juice 2 oz blood orange juice

Mother’s day falls on the spring season so it would be awesome to serve Spring fever cocktail to celebrate this emphatically special event. Bring them to intoxicating heights minus the alcohol by simply joining all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake it well and strain the non-alcoholic mix into a personalized wine glass or any cocktail glass of your choice. Always make sure that your glass will be half-filled with crushed ice before you head on for a toast to motherhood.

These are three highly recommended non-alcoholic cocktail mixes that you can effortlessly prepare in the name of your loving moms. They might be aging but they can still be as ferocious as a tiger but as disciplined as a rabbit.

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