Decorating Themes For Cakes, For Fun Or Romance

When bringing your cake to a special occasion, you’ll most likely want your work to draw its much deserved attention. Unless you suffer from a pathological fear of receiving adoration and praise, in which case a simple, flat cake is your best bet.

Themes For Decorating Cakes

– Activity and fun: These use different shapes- circles, balloons, clouds, stars and other interesting designs- and sometimes animal crackers in order to make a farm or zoo cake. Such cakes are full of color and whimsical design! You are only limited by your imagination which, if you are resorting to articles like this, is probably not very good.

– Floral Power: Flower patterns in cake decorating are perfect for any number of occasions. From birthdays to weddings, mothers day or veterans day cakes, floral patterns in soft shades are perfect for cake decorating. Just by adding a few green leaves you can lighten up any special occasion.

– Romantic Interludes: Romantic cake decorating is perfect for valentines day, sweethearts day, a husband’s or wife’s birthday, a wedding anniversary or even a divorce. You can make any color frosting, including the favorite of the people or person you are baking the for. Add hearts, cupids, or anything that will remind the guests what the celebration is about. It’s about imaginary, mythical and childish concepts. Use your imagination to make it jazzy, but don’t go overboard. Five hearts is great. But SIX hearts? TOO MUCH, dude! Some glitter or candies that sparkle will complete this incredible piece of art.

– Cartoon Style: Older folks who like to think their immature, and younger children, love cartoons as much as they do cake. So why not mix the two up when your decorating a cake for their birthday? You can either draw them in with icing before you color them in, or you can use molds and fondant for the cartoon characters. After their created you’ll have to color them before placing them on the cake, but this is the fun part. So Go ahead, Invite Taz, Mickey, Donald, Bugs Bunny, or Melvin the Irksome Martian to the party.

Crucial cake decorating supplies are:

– Icing smoother, or in other words, a thin metal spatula. This valuable tool will allow you to cover your cake with flat, even layers of icing so that it’s smooth and ready to be decorated. Using this correctly will make your cake look professionally made.

– Decoration molds let you create objects and figures. It’s best to begin with simple shapes like triangles, squares and circles, until your proficient and confident enough to move on to bigger and better things like flowers and numbers.

– Icing bags are crucial for decorating cakes. Getting the hang of its easy, and once you do you’ll be able to use it like an ink pen. Except it’s held with both hands and you wont be signing any bank checks with it. One hand is used to guide the tip to make the decorations while the other hand is putting pressure on the upper part of the icing bag.

– Ready made frosting flowers quickly add beauty to the cake while being ridiculously simple to use.

– The kids LOVE edible glitter and colorful sprinkles. It’s also the perfect way to beautify any cake.

– Edible color sprays are simple to utilize and can add a lot of decorative pizazz to your cake.

– You can print out edible photographs of the wedding couple, that tenth year anniversary hot dog stand, or your 118 year old great great grandmother. The paper these edible images are printed on is also edible, so you can place the whole thing on the cake. You can even print money onto this paper and then literally put your money where your mouth is!

A cake stand makes your cake stand out above the rest, literally and figuratively. If you use a glass stand, your decoration will take the cake every time.

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