Painting wine glasses: the gear.

Many people feel that gifts having a personal touch mean much more than gifts that required little thought. Even much more unique are gifts that your loved one produced especially for you. So imagine if you could use your artistic imagination to offer them a gift they can use everyday!

A great gift for adults is hand painted wine glasses. These are not only useful, but also nice to display as a decoration.

Supplies you’ll need:

*Clear painted wine glasses – These don’t have to be high-priced wine glasses. Consider looking at your local craft store or closeout store for affordable glassware.

*Glass paint – Most craft stores have this sort of paint in stock in a number of colors. Carefully read the label to be sure the paint is made specifically for glass and will be set by heating the glassware in an oven.

*Paint brushes – Little to medium brushes work well for most designs. Either soft or firm bristles might be utilized depending upon your preference.

*Clip art – Unless you’re skilled at freehand drawing and painting, pick out a basic clip art style that you’ like to paint on your glass.

*Clear tape – This will be utilized to steady the clip art onto the glass.Begin by figuring out what sort of style you would like on the wine glasses. Basic designs tend to work the best, specially for beginners.

Cut out the clip art to a size little enough to fit inside the glass. Position the picture where you would like the design to figure on the glass (picture side out) and secure it with clear tape. You are going to be painting on the outside of the glass; however, the clip art on the inside will show across, thus supplying a guide for painting.

All that is left to do is…paint!

Appreciate your new hobby!

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