Discover How To Preserve The Flavour Of Dry Red Wine During Storage

Belgium Wine Watchers is a unique website specialising in buying and selling high quality old wines. The site offers dry red wine from France, Spain, Italy, and a number of other European countries. The convenience of selling these items over the internet offers the consumer the luxury of shopping at their leisure. Whether you are a restaurateur purchasing dry red wine for your establishment, choosing for your personal use, or perhaps a gift, you will be pleased to find an impressive selection.

The site offers a large number of rare and vintage wines with a wide range of pricing. An example of this is seen with the bottles of Margaux that are available. They range from 1926 to the year 2007 with pricing that ranges from 15.00 Euro to as much as 990.00 Euro. Due to the cost, you will want to learn how to properly store the bottles.

To preserve the flavour and value of your wines, prior to and after opening, it is important for you to learn how to properly store the bottles. The following tips can start you in the right direction, however, you may want to seek advice and knowledge of the seller.

First, you will want to store the bottles in the appropriate temperature. They should be stored in temperatures between ten degrees and fifteen degrees Celsius. Storing the bottles at temperatures higher than thirty two degrees Celsius will damage the wine even if it is only for a short while.

Take care not to store the bottles in direct sunlight. Choose a cool, basement or dark cellar for the ideal storage location. If you do not have a cellar or basement to store the bottles, consider purchasing a wine refrigerator. Using a refrigerator will give you considerable control over the temperature at which you store your bottles.

It is also important to store bottles in a rack that is sound and does not move very much. When bottles move about during storage the flavour can be ruined even when kept at the appropriate temperature. It is also important to lay the bottles on a slight incline on their side with the cork downward facing. This will help prevent the the cork from drying out during storage.

Storage times will vary depending on the type of wine so it is important to check the recommendations on the storage times. Red wines can store for a very short period of time or as long as a few years. The beauty of storing red wines is that with age they become more flavourful. The longer a bottle ages will bring out more flavour.

It is also important to know how to store an open bottle of dry red wine. Proper storage of open bottles will preserve the flavour and quality. Keeping an opened bottle in a cool area will slow down the naturally occurring ageing process. Additionally, you will want to pour any remaining liquid into a smaller bottle for storage since this will keep the amount of oxygen that mixes with the wine to a minimum.

Belgium Wine Watchers is one of the best places where you can find dry red wine, vintage wines, rare wines and always at the best possible prices.