Choosing Special Engraved Wine Bottle Opener

Of all the gifts a wine connoisseur will treasure over the years it will be an engraved wine bottle opener. This seemingly small gift is easy to store, does not take up room and is always ready to use. For a practical and meaningful gift for a friend or acquaintance, who likes the drink, this is an all time favorite.

There is a special feeling of appreciation when a person receives a gift of this type. Realizing the amount of time and effort put forth in obtaining and engraving such an item makes it very unique to the recipient. It is something that will be used and appreciated for a long time to come.

Patented in 1882, it was especially built for waiters and is very practical and easy to use. It is still used by many waiters today and is easily carried in their pocket when not in use. This also makes it easy for today’s home user who wants an opener that is easily carried.

The waiter’s friend is also called the wine key and was first brought on the scene in 1882. At that time, a patent on the device was issued in Germany, England and America. It has been used by waiters through the years and is very popular as it can easily be folded up and placed in the pocket when not in use.

The advantage of this type of wine bottle opener is that it has two broad covers, with the screw lying inside, very similar to a knife and knife blade. The covers keep the screw from causing any damage to a pocket or apron when not in use. The advantage of the outside covers, for engraving, is the wide area that is available.

What is engraved on the opener is entirely up to the buyer, which leaves a wide open opportunity to put one’s best efforts forward. The engraving can be whatever the imagination decides and can be art work, beautiful, funny, or plain or whatever is decided. It will reflect the ability of the purchaser to really put together a meaningful gift.

The possibilities of the type of engraving that could be used are unlimited. There are thousands of combinations that would be extremely attractive. It would be perfect for a special occasion and leave someone with a gift that would be especially meaningful to them.

This is a perfect wine gift for an individual or for a number of people. If choosing to present this gift for several people, give each one with a unique and different meaning. This will provide a unique gift and unlike any other. Putting one’s ideas together when planning an engraved wine bottle opener can be an interesting experience as well as a satisfying one.

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