Wine Promotion: The Top Ones Truly Engage The Wine Lover

If you love wine, you are living at a great time as more and more of the best wine companies wrestle to come up with the best way to run a great wine promotion.

Running a wine promotion and combining a great wine brand with the best promotional items is a great way for the wine makers to get the attention they need.

And when you combine a great wine with a luxury brand and run a joint promotion, that’s when things become exponential.

Brand managers at the biggest wine companies know that running a great wine promotion enables the brand to get closer to potential new customers so as to reveal those things about the brand that those people might never have discovered on their own.

By linking a wine with a true luxury brand, a great promotion will elevate both.

A wine promotion that thus combines a great bottle with a top luxury brand will in effect create far more of an “experience” for the both brands. Think of it as a way to create a cloud of “goodness” around both.

Wine promotions online tend to be very well done…and now with the advent of social media, they can be very involving…and that is just what everyone wants to have happen.

Obviously, the promotional items need to very closely reflect the brand identities of all parties. Offering something of little value and calling yourself a premier wine company simply will not do and can actually be more harmful that doing nothing at all. Wine companies know this and make great strides to find promotional giveaways that mirror their brand identity.

To find the best of all of these, simply go and do a simple Google search for “Facebook wine promotions” or “Facebook wine promotion” and jump into the discussions.

There are wonderful wine promotions out there. Pop the cork and find the best ones!


Are you ready to experience the Elle Magazine/Santa Margherita wine promotion? What a delightful way to experience two amazing luxury brands in one great wine promotion!