Lychee Flavored Martini

Lychee martini can be prepared by using the fresh lychee fruit which is renowned for its fragrance and the lovely flavor it adds to a drink. In a lychee martini the lychee selected should have the original smell and taste of the fruit so that when you drink it you get carried away to the far tropical countries of its origin. The flavoring should be natural so use either the syrup or the liqueur but it is more authentic to use the lychee syrup as the liqueur is made in various processed brands.

When you fresh lychees to make the lychee martini, it gives a yellowish coloring and a very good flavor. Avoid using canned lychees as this may give a cloudy look to the martini. Canned lychees are those fruits which were not fresh enough to be sold and additionally fruit in tins tends to get spoilt by the metal content and hence this should be used only if nothing else is available. You can also use lychee juice.

A lychee martini must be garnished with a few peeled, seeded, lychees on a skewer. Since they are available only for a short period, it is not always possible to get fresh lychees for the martini. You can use frozen lychees which maintain the flavor and the fragrance. Frozen lychees are available in Pan Asian food markets. If you cannot obtain this then as a last resort use canned lychees. The syrup should be of high quality and the canned lychees should be drained and rinsed in fresh water before garnishing.

Add a mint leaf to the lychee martini as it imparts freshness and a green look. The martini glass rim can be decorated with crystallized ginger to produce an oriental effect and give an impression of the mountainous forests of South China where this fruit originated from.

If you are using vodka, see that it has a high quality. You can also use champagne instead or even sake or soju which is a special Asian alcohol which is produced from rice and barley. You can add some grenadine, a pomegranate juice, or cranberry juice to give a red appearance of ripe lychees to your lychee martini. Other fruit juices and vermouth can also be blended as different types of a lychee martini.

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