Sending A Thoughtful Gift – A Wine And Cheese Gift Basket

Wine gift baskets are a fantastic gift for almost any adult. Wine gift baskets can be given for any holiday or occasion. Those on the receiving end always enjoy a gift basket and you will never disappoint when giving this as a gift. Wine gift baskets are also very convenient as you can pick up the phone and order it. There is virtually no work involved if you so chose.

If you are ordering a wine gift basket then you generally have a choice to make. You can chose a prearranged basket that has already been made and has a price attached to it or you can chose what goes into the gift basket.

Many companies are recommending the second option as you can create a truly personalized gift. If you know the individual receiving the gift very well then they may greatly appreciate the time you took to choose the contents of the basket.

You can get very creative with the wines you chose. You can choose the same wine but from different regions around the world as they will all actually taste different. You can focus on a particular wine region and then chose different wines from that area. You can create an aromatic basket that contains aromatic wines, or a basket of dessert wines. The choice is yours.

There is more in a wine basket then just wine as you can also include food products and wine accessories. This can be a great treat especially since you can splurge for individuals that may not normally purchase those more gourmet products. Food items that tend to be included in a wine gift basket are cheese, dried fruits, spreads, crackers and chocolates. You can match the food to go with the wine.

If you want to make your own wine gift basket then you will need to gather all the items you want to incorporate, find a container or basket, some tissue paper or stuffing to sit in the basket and clear cellophane and ribbon. For the container you can use an actual basket, metal ice tub or even plastic or wood containers. The fillers of the basket can be practical such as napkins and kitchen towels; they do not only have to be tissue paper or straw.

When you assemble the basket you want to start with the filler, then the wine followed by any accessories or food items. It is important to go from larger items to smaller items and then finish everything off with a bow and personal note. Your wine gift baskets will be in high demand and receivers will really enjoy and look forward to this gift.

Wine and cheese gift baskets are always a welcome present for any adult, particularly if you fill them with a carefully selected wine and a choice of artisan cheese. Consider how happy you would be to get one.