Getting The Most Of Your Drinks With Beer Brewing Kits

The idea of brewing your own beer is sounding better every day as more and better beer flavors are being offered for brewing enthusiasts. In addition to the great variety of fine-tasting beers, beer-lovers stand to cut down on their drinking expenses by simply availing of a beer ingredients kit.

You can get 5 gallons out of every ingredient kit

Beer brewing kits containing ingredients are sold at an average of $40 with each kit good for 50 gallons of the beverage. Now, there being 128 ounces in a gallon. The production capacity of an ingredients kit being 5 gallons, a total of 640 ounces can be had from a single kit. That figure is equivalent to 53 12-ounce bottles of beer.

Dividing the price of the kit which is $40 by the number of bottles produced (53), we get the price per bottle which is 75 cents. That cost is amazing when you consider the high profile of the ingredients of beer brewing kits. That is real value and real savings.

The flavors that can be bought in ingredient beer brewing kits are specially blended and are unlike any of the commercially blended beers. The fact that the makers of these ingredient beer brewing kits can afford to sell them at such a value is because they (1) don’t need to spend for bottles, (2) they don’t have huge manufacturing sites to maintain and (3) a whole lot of workers to pay salaries to.

It is all up to the skill of the person brewing the beer, and the quality of the equipment he is using whether he gets his money’s worth or not. That is precisely why if you go into home brewing, you need to practice. That is not to say that the very first batch you produce will taste like nothing worth mentioning. The point is that you need to improve on you brewing skills to really take advantage of home made beer.

There are also equipment kits for newbies

Those who have had years of practice creating various genres of beer probably already have the exact tools they need for doing that. However for the benefit of those who have just started or are just starting to brew beer on their own, there are also beer brewing kits containing the latest manual beer making equipment. If you choose the right beer brewing kits you can have equipment that is convenient to use and durable as well.

Equipment beer brewing kits will include your fermentation barrels or jars, bottling containers where the brewed beer is transferred for bottling, the different stoppers and airlocks that are used while fermenting the beer, cleaning tools for the equipment, a tri-calibrated hydrometer for gauging the alcohol and sugar content of the beer, plus the various small paraphernalia that are also needed for brewing the beer; including the bottle caps and a step-wise guide for brewing the beer. Additionally, some kits have a free ingredients kit with which a beginner can take his first shot at a brew.

Get the variety that commercial beers can’t offer

Most people who avail of beer brewing kits are in it for the taste. No matter how well brewed a beer is, if you have to keep drinking it day in and day out, it begins to taste stale. Either that or your taste glands become numb. People who enjoy tasting the beer and who drink not just to get drunk, social drinkers, in other words, prefer to have a go at other blends every so often.

Beer and Wine Making is easy and you too can make your own at home with Beer Brewing Kits. Get advice, tips and tricks at