Home Brew Equipment – Seek The Best

Home brewing has been popular for many centuries. In many countries and cultures it was considered a reputed craft. Even in this period when you could buy everything ready-made, there are people who still fancy home brewing. For some it is a hobby, for others it is a passion. They find pleasure in brewing different beverages at home for their personal use and to gift to friends. In many countries home brewing competitions are there wherein the best home brewed beverage will be given prizes. If you wish to brew some beverages at home you will need some home brew equipments.

You could brew beer, cider or wine, but here we will concentrate on beer only. So let’s see the home brew equipments essential for your home brewery. The most important home brew equipments are the brewing pot and fermenter. Brewing pot is a pot made of stainless steel and the grain is boiled in the brewing pot. Fermenter is a plastic bucket and fermentation takes place here. The fermenter should have a lid with a hole.

Next one in the home brew equipment is the stopper or bung. This should fit in the hole in the fermenter lid and should hold the airlock. Airlock is fitted to the stopper in the lid. It is half filled with vodka, sanitizer or water. The purpose of airlock is to provide an outlet for the carbon dioxide formed during fermentation.

Brew pot: It is another of the home brew equipment. This is usually a stainless steel pot. The wort is boiled here.

Dial thermometer: This is home brew equipment that is essential. The temperature at the time of brewing should not go above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Using dial thermometer the temperature of wort at the time of brewing could be monitored.

Bottling bucket: This home brew equipment is used at the stage of bottling the brew. The boiled sugar and the fermented beer are mixed in this bucket. From this vessel it is transferred to the bottles by using siphon tubing. An auto siphon could be used for easy siphoning.

The home brew equipments which are not essential but could be used for brewing are hydrometer, wort chiller, kegs, and hop filter. These home brew equipments reduce the effort needed in brewing. While brewing when you find a brew that you feel perfect, you will need the exact conditions to be reproduced to get the same brew a second time you make it. The temperature, the strength or consistency or the gravity of the brew etc has to be the same. To find the gravity of the brew, a hydrometer is used.

Wort chiller can cool down the wort quickly after brewing. It is a copper tubing through which cold water is being flushed which will take off the heat as it flows. Kegs are used to store the beer instead of storing in individual bottles. Hop filter is used to filter the fermented beer before transferring to the bottling bucket. Other home brew equipments are spoons that can withstand heat, funnels, turkey baser and tongs.

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