The Art Of Home Beer Brewing

Home beer brewing is an art that can be easily learnt to make beer at home, which you may then sell profitably in the market or use it for your own consumption. Home-made beer is of high quality and you don’t need to be a pro to make home brewed beer. The art of home beer brewing is an old one. It all started in Egypt or Mesopotamia and at that time, for the first time, the art of malting was discovered. During those years, malting was generally used to make sweet bread and such other stuff, but soon, malting was also utilized to make home-made beer.

Home beer brewing has now become a domestic industry and there are several families who are making beer at home for selling purposes. You can also become a part of that group if you learn the simple steps to beer making. You must first understand the ingredients that are essential for beer making and then you may buy them from the local market to make your own home based beer. You should know that home beer brewing essentially requires barley, hops, yeast and water. Barley is required to prepare the malt, hops is required to add aroma and flavor to the beer, yeast is required for fermentation of beer and finally water is required because 90 % of beer is water.

The seven steps utilized in home beer brewing are generally, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering and filing. The first step to beer making is to prepare the malt from the barley. You can soak the barley in water for some hours and soon you would get the malt that can be later dried at the kiln. Once the grains are steeped, they can then be rinsed to clear it off all the sweet fermentable sugars. The sweet liquid that remains behind is called wort and later this liquid is put into a kettle and boiled to release all the essential oils from hops. The hops add bitterness, flavor and aroma to the beer and without it you cannot make good beer.

Once the wort is cooled to around 70 degrees, you can then add yeast to the wort for the fermentation of malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The process of fermentation takes around five days, after which you may filter the beer for usage. Yeast cells are the most important ingredient of home beer brewing and they are the ones that make beer from barley and malt, so you must be sure to use good quality yeast. You should also ensure that good quality water is used so that your beer doesn’t taste bad. Once these easy steps are accomplished you can have your own home-made beer and serve it to your friends and family. Home beer brewing can be a good business and you may even sell the beer if you want.

Lastly, you must know that home beer brewing isn’t tough and anyone can accomplish it easily. However, if it seems tough, then you may also avail home-based kits available for making beer at home.

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