How To Keep Your Cigar In Ideal Condition

If you’re someone who is acquainted with cigars, then you’ll be acquainted with the truth that all cigars tend to lose their taste, and even crumble and mold as it ages – when not properly stored. You will find a number of cigar brands out there that caters to the different tastes and preferences of every individual for example the Don Diego cigars for those who prefer a mellower flavor, for a single. However all these would go to waste should you don’t know how to maintain your cigars in excellent condition.

Keeping your cigars in perfect condition isn’t a brainy thing. In fact, it’s fairly simple and routine. What is crucial in this is that you simply know what to do. So 1st things first: get a humidor. If you’ve got some Don Diego Cigars, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, and other cigar manufacturers, it’s most certain that you would not want it to go to waste. And it’s also specific that you simply would like it to burn a lot more evenly too as retaining its full taste. That can be carried out with a humidor.

Humidors are any kinds of boxes or containers which are designed for the sole goal of maintaining a specific level of humidity inside it, generally for storing of specific objects like cigar, for 1. Wooden boxes are the well-liked picks for such. Cigar humidors are always lined and you are able to pick from a variety of interior linings; but the most recommended 1 is the Spanish cedar.

Humidity degree within the humidor is best kept at 70 percent, along having a temperature of about 70 degrees, thus the 70-70 rule in cigar humidors. The environment within the humidor is what you’ll be able to consider to be somewhat tropical. When choosing a humidor often consider the air tightness, which you’ll be able to check by closing the lid; and a “swooshing” sound will indicate that it’s air tight.

If it isn’t that tight, it defeats the goal of you having a humidor. So pick up those Don Diego cigars and store them in your humidor now!

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