Can Drinking Wine Make You Fat?

This article will try and answer the question: can you get fat from drinking wine? It’s a question that many people have. Many people like to have a glass or two of wine, but they don’t want to gain weight.

People talk about the French paradox which is; the French are known to drink lots of wine but are considered very thin. There are many people who feel that wine has beneficial qualities to your health. But drinking too much is not good for your weight at all.

Alcoholic drinks wine included can increase your weight. There are plenty of reasons why this is:

Alcohol and wine holds a massive amount of calories. Protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram; where as wine and alcohol has 7 per gram. That is a big difference, and so if you are trying to maintain or even lose weight, wine is not the best thing for you.

Alcohol has a fat burning delay on your body. When alcohol is present in the bloodstream, the body turns it into the quickest source of energy. This means that your body will use up this energy before using up any calories during the day.

The extra calories you take in from wine delays your body from losing weight. Your body will burn the calories from alcohol before any others. This does not directly mean you become fat but it does mean it will take longer to lose weight.

Drinking wine seems to mellow out so many people. When you are feeling mellower you are less likely to be active. This means that indirectly wine is helping you become fat. As you are feeling mellower you are less likely to be active and burn off calories and fat.

Remember that wine has a lot of empty calories. Some wines have calories that benefit us but many don’t. You’re taking on the extra calories but without getting the real nutrients to justify the extra calories. The problem is the extra calories are not good enough to replace the calories from food. This in turn means your gaining extra weight.

With so many different countries in the world each of them seems to produces their own range of wine. Why not try Australian wine or Chilean wine. These are just two out of hundreds out there.