A Scary Breath Of Fresh Air Comes To Atlanta, GA!

Not real sure of what to do or what to wear come Halloween year after year? Should you go scary, funny, heavy with the makeup or none at all? Perhaps there is another option for you this year? Ever been to a masquerade ball? If you didn’t know already, this year there comes a formal ball to the city of Atlanta that brings with it live music, comedy, magic, dancing, and mystery all wrapped up in one big, but not quite so scary, package!

A breath of fresh air is what this year’s Atlanta Halloween Ball will bring to “trick or treaters” looking for something different. This coming Halloween Eve you might find refuge from the ghouls and goblins of traditional Halloween spookiness if you attend The Atlanta Halloween Ball coming October 30th to The Fabulous Fox Theatre downtown. For many, this is long overdue! It appears there are a significant number of folks that want to see and experience something new over the 2010 Halloween Atlanta weekend.

This coming October 30th, 2010, kicks off the first annual Atlanta Halloween Ball at The Fabulous Fox Theatre. The show will begin at 8:00 p.m. and last well into the early morning hours. Organizers of the event have high hopes for the unique evening and are very excited about what’s going to be offered to the people and the city of Atlanta year after year. It gets even better in that proceeds from the event will be going to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, one of the city’s most prominent not-for-profit organizations. “We can’t wait for this event to take place,” says Bryan Colson, one of the events organizers. “When we came up with this idea, everything just seemed to fall into place as to why, what, where, and how. Everyone that gets involved in this is going to benefit. That’s what we wanted and it’s shaping up nicely!”

It does seem as though this event will benefit many people. Those that attend get a fabulous evening in downtown Atlanta, sponsors and supporters benefit from free sponsorship and contributions, and perhaps most importantly, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta takes home more proceeds for it’s cause and for families in need. How does this work? Well, it seems as though it’s just a big party and how can you go wrong with throwing a big party? Everyone wants to get involved, and everyone gets out of it whatever they put in. Yes, it does make sense after all. A very unique night awaits the city of Atlanta!

No doubt this event will give the people of Atlanta a chance to be a part of something a little different each Fall. A welcomed change indeed. You’ve got mystery, elegance, and magic taking the place of the make-up and worn-out, scary outfits. Couples now have a chance to dress up and experience a true masquerade party, an event that certainly still belongs with the Fall season. Nothing is lost, but a lot is gained. People will undoubtedly have their imaginations and curiosities running wild as they prepare for this Atlanta Halloween Party. The creators and organizers have really stumbled on to something that has great potential for not only this coming Halloween, but for many more to come!

Victoria Maier is a writer who loves spending her time in Atlanta. She is also inviting people to join her at the Atlanta Halloween Ball this October 2010. Also published at A Scary Breath Of Fresh Air Comes To Atlanta, GA!.