Choosing The Finest Wine

“All of us would surely want to make a good first impression during a date. But what would you do when you are oblivious about the types of wine and the waiter hands you over the wine menu? For sure, some would panic. You don’t need to worry because this article will cover the basics on how to choose the best wine.

It is a fact that wine is great especially when it is with a great meal. There’s actually a rule when it comes to wine that people follow – white wine with fish, red wine with meat. However, this is not necessarily the case. The color of wine does not dictate what particular type of meat it suits. What matters are the wine’s origin and characteristics. What you should know is that light wines goes well with light foods, such as chicken and fish, while full-bodied wines are a perfect match for bolder types of meats such as beef. If you are going to have some spicy foods on the menu, have sweeter varieties of wines.

Another important factor that determines choice of wines is the region it is originated. There is a slight divergence in taste of wines that come from other countries because of the different soil conditions present. Wines from Australia and Germany will be different because of their different soil conditions. It is better to choose wines from Germany, France or Italy because they have been producing wines for centuries. This doesn’t mean that wines from other countries or regions aren’t good but when your on the dinner table with your date shuffling in her chair waiting for you to choose from the wine list, it would certainly be a safer choice.

Many people think that aged wines are better but this is not the case for all types of wines. Most commercially available wines nowadays may even worsen when kept too long. Certain weather conditions also affect the wine qualities. This is why bottles produced in the same year but kept in under different weather conditions will taste a little different from each other. Wineries normally won’t release their wines until their wine bottles have aged for at least two years. So, bottles on sale would already be suitable for drinking. Another thing that you should remember is that most white and sparkling wines are drinkable without aging and could worsen when kept too long.

For those who have the time, try having a sip of everything so that you can find the wine that suits your preferences. All of us have unique tastes so it would be better to select the wine that has all the qualities that you are looking for. Cheers!

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