Selecting The Ideal Wine Gift Baskets That Will Please Any Adult

Wine and cheese gift baskets have become more popular in recent years. Wine itself is a classy gift. A wine basket can be an elegant way to express congratulations, gratitude, or just friendship. Both men and women appreciate the gift of wine, however, women usually appreciate the accessories included in the basket more than the actual wine itself. Wine baskets can be given for any occasion. However, the most popular occasions are birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

The most important choice in a wine basket is the wine itself. Wine comes in two varieties – red and white. Red wine is made from red and black grapes while white wine is made from white grapes. Popular red wines are cabernet sauvignon, merlot and Grenache. Red wines are usually full flavored. The chocolaty flavor of merlots makes them a very popular choice among women. Grenaches contain a slight taste of raspberries.

White wines are usually drier wines. The most popular variety of white wine is the chardonnay. Chardonnays have a fruity taste. However, almost all white wines have a hint of vanilla.

Since choosing the correct wine can be some what difficult, therefore most wine retailers offer recommendations based upon the occasion or the person receiving the gift. For example, most women prefer a red wine; champagne is a popular gift for parties; and those who are more experienced wine enthusiasts will enjoy the more rare, but expensive wines.

After choosing the wine, the next step is to decide on the other items that you will include in the basket. Food is a common accessory. However, food choices should be made with the type of wine and the preferences of the receiver in mind. Some foods go better with one type of wine than others. Common food selections are sesame crackers, cheeses, chocolates, nuts, fruits and olives. Be sure to consult a wine and food pairing chart to ensure the correct food choice for the wine that has been chosen.

Another common accessory for wine baskets is the glass. The type of wine also determines the type of glass chosen. Red wines are typically served in glasses with larger bowls. Champagnes are served in flutes. And white wines are served in glasses with long stems and small bowls. The number of glasses included in the basket should be determined by the occasion for which the gift was given.

Finally, other items can be used to finish off the basket. For example, a beginning wine enthusiast might enjoy some literature about the history of wines or how to choose a wine. Also, depending on the feel you want the basket to have, you might include some products not related to wine. For example, a gift basket for an anniversary present might include a red wine, a box of chocolates, strawberries, two glasses, and some spa products so that it has a romantic feel.

All gourmet foods make delightful gifts. Some people prefer a gourmet coffee gift basket, while others choose the more common wine and cheese gift baskets. The key is to have a sense of the tastes of your loved one.