Extreme Wine Bottle Make-Overs For Your Halloween Party Or As Ideal Halloween Gifts

Attention Halloween party people and vampire sommeliers. Here’s a Halloween idea for a Halloween project that I simply must scream about! Vampire Wine labels to cover over your boring wine labels. What fun! This rather functional Halloween decoration is super simple to execute. It’s an extreme Halloween wine bottle make-over! If you’re going to a Halloween party, bring a made-over wine bottle as the perfect gift. If you are having your own Halloween party, make sure you offer your guests this funny Halloween drink with your clever Halloween food. This is fun for Halloween Horror enthusiasts (haunters) as well as the more tame fun Halloween crowd. This is one for the “thought of everything” books. It’s a total WINEr!

I’m a firm believer in getting what you simply cannot make at the Halloween Store. If you can even find these faux wine labels, I guarantee you can make better ones than what I’ve seen out there. You can either use and print out pre-made labels (see the resource box) or make your own. Either way….you’ll do much better. The “trick” here is that you will be serving up bottles of blood from the “veinyards.” This is not meant to be gruesome or vulgar, it’s just more Halloween fun. For a teen crowd, use bottles of grape juice. [I:http://www.beercorp.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/SamEdmondton2.jpg]

For a vintage Halloween (especially if you’re good at calligraphy) you can hand-make these. Just get some fancy paper to do it on. If you know how to use a graphic arts program on the computer, you can do it that way. Of course, most of us don;t have the time even if we have the talent to put towards and Halloween Projects or Halloween ideas. It’s enough to get the trick-or-treat candy ready. So, we offer a load of free free pre-made labels for your downloading pleasure. Hunt them down through the resource box below. [youtube:uFXu80RWqQg?fs=1;You will have thought of everything for your [link:Halloween Party];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFXu80RWqQg?fs=1&feature=related]

For those of you die-hards out there that will make your own labels from scratch, we want to give you a little inspiration for the labels. (Something the Halloween Stores’ labels do not have! I don’t know how they missed such obvious, cool Halloween puns!) Here’s the inspiration: Capillary Sauvignon, Count Icabod’s Veinyards, or Bloodeaux. And for the white: Blood Blanc!

Have several different offerings for your guests if you are throwing a Halloween party. (If it’s a Halloween gift, choose your favorite.) It all comes down to Halloween Entertainment and Halloween fun, so the more the merrier!

Whether you hand make these, print ours, or print your own, you’ll need to choose paper. For quick-and-easy, pick up a pack of self-adhesive ink-jet paper at the office store. If you want to get more fancy on the paper, use spray glue (spray mount) to paste the labels to the bottles. I like the 3M spray adhesive. Be sure to spray that stuff outside and place the labels face down on something you can toss out. The spray glue really works– it sticks to everything!–even your hands! Be careful not to get glue on your fingers. It’s harmless but annoying! [I:http://www.beercorp.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/SamEdmondton3.jpg]

If you do not use the adhesive label paper, you will have many types of paper to choose from. You can choose different colors or fancy paper with textures and patterns. Most copy shops will even sell these to you in individual sheets and they will have a little binder full of selections to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen your paper and the labels, simple print the labels, cut them out, and paste them on. This is a Halloween Idea whose time has come and is an extra “bite” of entertainment that will be a real hoot at your “you’ve thought of everything” Halloween party!

To get your fingers on a variety of 13 different wine-bottle make-over labels for Halloween, check this out Halloween Party For the not-so-ordinary, more sophisticate, amazing Halloween Decorations out there, visit Halloween Effects