Beers Come In Different Types To Please Every Taste And Thirst

When Benjamin Franklin was thought to have made an unusual statement that the proof that God is real and wants people to be glad by allowing them beer, most people still argue to-date that he could have been joking. Now whether he made the statement as a light joke or not or if he stated it at all is still a mystery.

Whatever the case what is seen today is that there could have been some truth in what he said. It is easy nowadays to regard beer as something that causes unexplainable elixir and people who are not used to it become somewhat intimidated by it.

In case you are interested in more details about beer, have a seat and get yourself a pint glass. Today’s discussion dwells on beer.

The kind of beer known as larger is the one that is really predominant in the world. Larger is of a light coloring and is a lot weaker. It can be chilled and served. There are types of this beer that has bigger content of alcohol like the doppelbock which is up to 10% alcohol.

The second type in the discussion is the one known as ale. It is obtained by combining the malted barley with hops to make the beer a little sweeter although the bitter flavor is maintained by the use of fruit.

You will find some states which insist that the term ale should be legally enforced when a drink is of more strength than “beer.”

Stout is the one that is darker in color because it is made of roasted malt.

You will find that the lighter beer has less alcohol and calories. Its flavor is a lot weaker as compared to its darker version so some people like to take the lighter, weaker beer.

With such a great variety, it is obvious that everyone can find the particular drink of beer that suits their taste.

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