The Main Health Advantages Of Drinking Wine Daily

These days doctors and scientists agree upon the fact that drinking wine, particularly red wine, in moderation is a good thing. There are people who abuse this, others who don’t drink at all, however if you’re curious as to why drinking one glass of red wine every day can help, read on.

There are several major studies that show the fact that women of ages 70 and above have a better memory retention when they drink one glass of wine with their meal than those that stopped drinking altogether. So wine in moderation not only is excellent for better memory, but it is also great for overall health in general.

One glass also helps with avoiding blood clots from forming and minimizes any inflammation of the blood vessels. And if you are thinking of your cholesterol levels, you should be in the clear with consuming only one glass of wine: it actually raises your LDL level (the good cholesterol) which is known to help with unclogging your arteries.

It also is famous for keeping down your weight by reducing your body mass index. For example people who drink wine in moderation tend to have smaller waists than those who don’t consume it. The alcohol is known to burn faster the calories in the body and it is said that up to 90 calories are burned after one single glass of wine. If you drink excessively or you don’t drink at all, this doesn’t apply so well.

The resveratrol that is contained mostly in the red wine helps with reducing the risk of various cancer types through its anti cancer properties. The antioxidants are found on the skin and seeds of red grapes, which is why a glass of red wine is favored over a glass of white wine. Again, it is a lot to be said about drinking in moderation and not overindulging. So if you’ve been on the fence about drinking just a bit of wine along with your lunch or dinner, you can do it, but if you have any health conditions, make sure to discuss it with your doctor first.

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