What Really Are The Benefits To Drinking Wine?

Wine is loved by men and woman of all different ages. Special events like parties, anniversaries and dates. These are all events that glasses of wine are enjoyed. Wine is not just about good tastes, aromas and having a good time.

Many people look to the French as evidence of the health benefits of drinking wine. France is the country with the lowest rate of people suffering with heart ailments. This has been put down to the Frenchs love of traditional wine.

There are more benefits to wine than just cardiovascular benefits. There are a lot of studies linking wine to other health conditions. A glass regular glass of wine is said to help with the following:

Protection of the heart –

The studies that have been performed show that drinking the right amount of wine is good for your health. Two glasses for men and one for woman is the right amount of wine a day. This amount of wine is shown to help reduce the risk of heart attack by between 30 and 50%. Studies also show that those who have had a heart attack can reduce the chance of another by drinking wine.

The body contains two types of cholesterol one good and one bad. By drinking red wine you can raise the cholesterol that is good for you as well as lowering the one that is bad for you. It’s not just cholesterol that is affected by drinking red wine. It also helps prevent blood clots and reduces the damage that is caused by fat deposits on blood vessels.

Build the strength of your bones –

You can help you bones become stronger by up to 20%. The studies show that the alcohol content in wine increases the estrogen and other hormones. These hormones help your bones grow stronger.

Protect against cancer and heart disease –

Drinking the correct amount of wine a day helps prevent coronary diseases and some types of cancer. There are chemicals in wine which are believed to act as antioxidants by preventing bad molecules from damaging cells. One such chemical has been found in wine to help prevent the hardening of arteries.

These points are just a few that show the benefits of drinking the correct amount of wine on a regular basis. The big thing is not to drink too much as this will cancel out any of the benefits you gain from drinking wine. Make sure you drink in moderation.

Why not see what health benefits might have for you. Follow the recommended amount of Red wine or White wine and see what the benefits are.

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