Misconceptions And Truths About Wine

“Wine is one of the most loved drinks all around the world. Nearly for all occasions, it is used – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. But surrounding this drink’s fame are myths, so let’s straighten them out and pit them against the real facts.



Many people say that wine tastes better with age. However, this isn’t applicable to all types fo wine. For example, not all red wines require aging so they can be enjoyed. Those that contain high levels of tannins will require ageing. Red or white wine may or may not require aging for their taste to mature to perfection generally.

Sweet German Wine

Many people are still being fooled by the myth that wines coming from Germany are sweet. Those coming from Germany have a usually dry to sweet taste with the sign Trocken written on it.

Cork-Smelling – A person would be able to know whether wine is good or bad just by smelling the cork. But this is actually a misconception. Sniffing through the cork will not give you any good clues on the quality of this drink. You will only smell the cork.


Oldest Wine

Where would you find the oldest wine in the world? It’s actually in the Titanic. The oldest wine in the world today is in this sunken vessel and it’s holding up despite its location.


Instead of cork, the Frenchmen during the 1700s were actually using clothes soaked in oil as a cover for their wine. The French started to use oak trees for use in their barrels only 170 years ago.

Largest Producer

Italy is the largest producer of wine. 12% of the world’s market share while is produced in Italy, while America and France have 11%. Producing approximately 9% of the pie is Spain taking the third spot. Fourth placers are China and Turkey.

Wine is both a fantastic drink and making it can be a great hobby for those who are truly into it. In fact, this hobby may just turn into a money-making venture. There is no reason why making a business out of it won’t work as long as it is managed efficiently since many people are passionate about his drink.

If you’re such a wine lover, why not make a business out of your passion? You can try wine bar franchises or you can study more about wine business plan. If you know about this drink so much, yes, you can actually make a fortune out of that knowledge while enjoying it at the same time.

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