Talking About The History Behind Milkshake

Current day milkshakes have a very interesting history behind them. In fact the beginning of milkshake can be traced back to 1850 where eggnog drinks topped with frothy alcohol was served as milkshake. Of course it was nowhere near to the current day milkshakes at all.

Well if the frothy alcohol mixture did not resemble the current day milkshakes, then how did the milkshakes come into being? To know this, we must first trace the history of ice creams. History has it that ice creams came to be added into milkshakes only around 1920s.

The story has it that a Walgreen soda fountain was being operated by the manager who was trying out new concoctions to serve to the customers. He wanted to create some thing new and it so happened that he put in a few scoops of ice cream into one of the blender mixers that was used to mix malted milk and was born the new tasty, creamy liquid drink called milkshake.

New recipes often are discovered accidentally. But in this case the manager seemed to have been determined to create something new that day. He must have prepared several drinks and finalized this recipe with feedback from his customers on all his trials and errors. Poor customers, they must have had a tough day with all the experiments being offered to them to taste.

Milkshake, which was sold through the soda fountain in the drug store called Walgreen, soon became a rage with the public. Everywhere people started demanding milkshakes and the increasing demand soon forced Walgreen to expand their network nationwide within a short span of ten years and now every soda fountain was selling milkshakes.

Soon enough milkshake become a national favorite with all the people across the country. Different flavors of milkshake began to find prominence in the menus of expensive hotels, restaurants and the shops in the street corner and everywhere. People loved the rich creamy taste. At last milkshake had arrived.

Milkshakes popularity seems to continue to grow over the years. Even after several decades the popularity has not waned. The simple flavors and concoctions of yester years like plain vanilla, chocolate and strawberry has been replaced by very many varieties and combination of flavors. New recipes are being tried every time using new ingredients.

Walgreen soda fountain manager’s name will go down in the history as the creator of milkshakes. No matter who developed new recipes and varieties of milkshakes, the credit will always belong to him and people will remember that on that day he had tried to put together something new to serve his customers.

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