Wine Labels – The Lowdown

“Consumers find important pieces of information about certain products on their labels. These labels contain details about a product. Many consumers are very observant when it comes to the details of the product. There are labels that deceive consumers because these are not regulated by the government. However, when it comes to wine labels, the story is different.

The government strictly regulates wine labels and strict compliance to these regulations must be observed. But if you will have personalized wine labels, you won’t have to go through the issues regarding regulations. You can put in anything on the label such as text or images. To put differently; you can come up with your own customized wine label using your own designs and your own words.

You will not be required to comply with the regulations if you are making your own wine labels to give to your friends and family. As a matter of fact, you can put anything you want in your label. For example, if you’re giving wine to a couple on their wedding, you can have an image of that couple on your label with their names and the date, time and venue of their wedding. You don’t have to include the wine’s requirements since this is a gift. You are not selling it and, thus, you are not governed by laws created to protect commercial consumers.

There are companies who sell wine to the public, thus, they manufacture wine in large quantities. These wines are commercial and, thus, should have labels that are in accordance with the government’s wine label regulations. When wine is put up in the market for public consumption, this means it is covered by laws that were created to protect consumers. In other words, these wines should have certain details as required by the law. The details that should be included are the ingredients, source of ingredients, alcohol content and many more.

Of course, even wine for commercial purposes may also put in anything they want on their label. There could be a logo of the wine-producing company or the logo could be name itself of the company. This means that these wine producers can make their wine labels as attractice as they can so that they can attract more consumers. But for personal wine labels, the design of the label is more of a tribute to the celebrant, whereas the labels for commercial wines are geared towards marketing.

Are you thinking of giving a unique gift to a friend celebrating his birthday? How about personalized wine? You can actually make your own wine label and this can be anything that you think will be appreciated by the person who receives the gift. Make that personalized wine label as creative as possible and, chances are, your gift will become more memorable.