What To Use To Light Your Cigars

Anyone who smokes cigars knows that the best type of fuel to use is butane and that some of the best lighters they can get are Zippos. They are reliable, and you can even light them in the wind, something that those cheap lighters you buy in the grocery store just can’t do. For years, they have been one of the lighters of choice among smokers. Recently, they came out with a brand new line of Zippo lighters called Zippo BLU. While they have many of the same characteristics of the traditional lighters, make no mistake: these are something brand new.

The unique feature that has been introduced in Zippo BLU is that it has a pure blue flame that lights up to a particular height only preset at the manufacturer itself. Its reliability is unmatched and can easily stay lit even in windy weather conditions. It comes with a handy manual that would explain in detail the features and operations of the lighter to help familiarize you with it.

The most unique selling feature of Zippo BLU is its “lifetime warranty”. At any point of time if you feel you are facing problems with your lighter the troubleshooting guide would help you find a solution. In spite of this if your lighter stops working you can get it repaired at the manufacturer. If your lighter still refuses to function you would be given a hassle-free replacement from the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that the exceptional quality standards maintained at Zippo would ensure that firstly you don’t face any issues with your lighter. But in the worst possible scenario if you do come across a problem be rest assured the lifetime warranty would save you from any further hassles.

In addition to being a great, reliable lighter, you will find that you can choose from an incredible array of styles. No matter the style and look you want, you are sure to find something that you are going to love. These are not just lighters that you use and forget about ” they are something that you are going to want to keep with you for the rest of your life.

You need to take proper care of your butane lighter for it to last a lifetime. Take care of the quality of butane fuel you fill and get the flints replaced when required.

Anyone who loves cigars should have quality cigar accessories. So don’t miss out on the best prices on any cigar clip purchase.