Taste Your Wine With Wine Tasting Glasses

Whether you are shopping for yourself or purchasing a special gift you will find that there are many styles to choose from and different opinions on wine tasting glasses. Some individuals swear that the glass makes all the wine all the better to taste while others say the style of the glass serves neither a good or bad wine tasting experience. Having some basic knowledge of the different styles of wine glasses available will help in deciding which wine glass would be appropriate.

For tasting red wine a more opened mouth glass will be needed to fully enjoy the drink. The purpose for the larger mouth on the glass is due to the fact that red wine requires additional air flow to come into contact with. The aeration created by a larger more open style of glass aides in providing a more pleasant taste in the wine.

The recommended style for white wine is a glass that aides in allowing the wine to stay chilled longer. The body of this style will have a narrow body and a smaller mouth than that of the red wine glass. The other effect that this glass offers is to the aroma of the wine. Satisfying the pallet as well as the sense of smell, the white wine glass is a perfect match for white wine.

When choosing a glass for sipping Champaign or even sparkling wine make the best selection by looking for a glass that is tall, thin and has a small mouth. In order to achieve the effect of the bubbles the body of the glass needs to be very narrow. This allows minimal air flow and causes the bubbles to reach the tongue quicker.

A dessert wine requires adequate swirling and therefore this style of glass should be a bowl shape with a much larger mouth than other types. The bowl shape allows ample room for air flow while the wine is being swirled. Using a decanter for proper aeration before the wine enters the wine glass ensures the best taste and aroma of the drink.

Always use a decanter such as the Nacthman Vivendi wine decanter for proper aeration before pouring the wine into the glass. Visit crystal decanter set to learn more.