Ever Thought Of Building Your Very Own Wine Cellar?

People have been collecting wine for many years; some people see it as an investment and other just collect for the fun. Either way at some point in time the wine collection will become too big and will need to be moved from the kitchen or dining room. A separate area will have to be created for the purpose of housing the wine collection. There are some tips that should be followed when building a wine cellar.

When people are thinking about building wine storage they should think about the size of space they want to convert. Many areas could be used, anything from a closet, space under the stairs or even the whole basement. The important point is that proper plans are draw up to convert the space. Things such as the number of bottles, size of the bottles and size of the space need to be taken into account.

The space you wish to use may need to be cooled differently depending on the location in your house. The floors and ceilings need to be thought about. The ceiling should have R-19 grade insulation with a vapour barrier in place. If the floors are made of concrete then another vapour barrier should be in place and sealed with concrete sealant.

Any floors in above ground rooms will also need a vapour barrier with R-19 grade insulation. The vapour barrier needs to be placed on the warm side of the insulation. This means the barrier is safe from the room, protected by the insulation.

It is important that the room has a solid core door or a door with quality insulation. If you are wishing to use a glass door, you should use dual pane insulated glass. Another point is to have a properly sized cooling system, the right size for the storage room. The lighting should be low voltage track lighting. There are extras you could have such as a tasting station but that is don’t to you.

These tips are a good place to get started when building a wine cellar. You should also make sure to stick to the budget you have set out. You do not want to get part way through the build and run out of money. You will only have a part finished cellar. If you have a good design and a well built room, it will last a long time and you will get years of enjoyment out of it.

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