What Are The Differences Between Red And White Wines?

The colour is one major difference between to two wines, but there are others. The taste is another big difference, white wines are more sweet then the red variety but there are some red wines that are sweet. The red wines on the other hand have a much heavier and complex taste when compared to white.

White wines are made by taking the skin of the grapes and taking the juice. After this you use yeast for fermentation until the juice changes to wine. The wine is then placed in oak wood containers or sometimes made from stainless steel.

When making red wine you have to crush the grapes skins and all. This is different to making white wine. The grapes are then left with their skins to go through the fermentation process, which lasts around 2 weeks. Towards the end of this process the skins will raise to the top, they are then mixed back into the juice to carry on fermenting.

When the wine has finished fermenting, the wine needs to be put through a wine press to be clarified. When this is done the red wine is stored away in oak barrels for a few months before it is put into bottles. By storing the red wine in oak barrels you are adding extra tannin to the wine which is found in the oak barrels. This gives the wine an extra flavour which is not found in white wine.

The amount of tannin within the wine is a main difference between red and white wines. The red wines gains it extra tannin not only from the oak barrels but also from the skins of the grapes. As white wine is made without the skins and so contains less tannin.

There tends to be more flavours with red wines when compared with white wine. If you believe what the media is saying the red wine gives you a greater health benefit then the white wine. This is another reason to put red wine in your shopping basket when it comes to that time of the week.

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