The Incomparable And Traditional Seville Spring Celebration In Spain

Every spring, locals and travelers alike gather together to enjoy the colorful and festive spring fair in the city of Seville, located in the Southern part of Spain. Unless you hail from the country, you’ve probably never been informed about the existence of this festive gathering that takes place on a yearly basis.

This beloved event is typically started on the Monday two weeks after they celebrate the Holy Week. This festival will generally last about a week before winding down.

There are many different festivities and events that happen through out the week. Among them are carriages that will transport the town’s officials. Other events include gathering every day in the arena to watch the bullfighters.

As you walk along the river bank of the Guadalquivir, you will see it decorated with colorful tents also known as casetas with people celebrating the festival over drinks and sharing food.

The fair is known to be celebrated by the all of the locals and will spend all day dancing through out the whole week.

It is tradition for everyone to bring and share finger foods and other snacks, the locals call them tapas and you’ve probably had them at a restaurant considering their growth in popularity through the rest of the world.

The Seville fair originated in 1847 when the locals would bring in their livestock for the queen to approve. 160 years later, Seville still holds tight to and treasures this event just as much as they did when it began.

One of the greatest and arguably the most beautiful of all of Seville’s traditions for this grand festival is the woman dancing in their vibrant dresses. Surely, it shows the elegance and beauty of the city of Seville Spain.

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