Proper Wine Temperature

Wines need temperatures from 55 degrees to 58 degrees Fahrenheit (13 to 15 degrees Celsius). But temperatures between 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 to 18 degrees Celsius may be enough as long as it’s steady.

The degree and speed of temperature are crucial. As long as the changes between summer and winter are not rapid it won’t be any trouble. Matching changes each day will cause wines to age quickly.

What you should be staying away from is big rise and fall of temperature. Sticky residue may form around the bottle if large fluctuations in temperature occur. In the long run regular decrease or increase of wine temperature can damage the cork’s strength. It is the same as having the cork placed in and out every single day. Air may come inside the bottle as little amounts of wine is pushed to the rim of the cork. The expected taste of wine will be at risk when air goes with the wine.

55 to 58F are right temperatures to have wines correctly age. An increase in temperature will hasten the maturity of wines and a decrease in temperature will do otherwise. Irreparable damage will result to a wine that’s stored above 82F in as little as a month.

When stored at 55F wines mature slowly and this aids in its solidity.

Put new wines in your cellar quickly after you purchase them. Putting your wine into your storage place right after you bought it can surely help the wine recover from the stress of traveling.

You newly-bought wine should undergo the best VIP treatment before you store it in your cellar.

A wine fan knows that heat destroys the quality of the wine but does everyone know how to do that in specific times? Someone purchases a wine but forgets it in his car one warm afternoon. You brought it to you cool cellar but it has already been warmed all afternoon. Very high temperatures can cause unlikely chemical reactions to the wine.

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