James Bond, The 007 Martini

Alcohol is one of the most popular drinks nowadays. Both old and young consume it and this influenced very bad to certain societies. Many people don’t know what alcohol does to them and don’t tend to stop even when they realize the damage it causes to them. However alcohol has a big role in our life and this is inevitable. It is also an important part of the most famous fictional characters. One of these fictional characters is the British secret agent James Bond.

James Bond is a fictional hero and is one of the best agents of the British Secret Service. Of course as an agent he is very brave and has some interesting qualities. James Bond first appeared in a series of books written by the world-wide famous author Ian Fleming. Not a long time after the books, various movies about James Bond started to be created and thus James Bond became even more famous. And usually every fictional secret agent is refined and a gentlemen and James Bond isn’t an exception.

However, it is quite important to know that there is a small difference between the various beverages consumed in the movie and in the book. For instance in the book “Casino Royale” our secret British agent consumes a custom martini, while in the movie you can’t see this thing. In this article we will talk about exactly this martini, because it is one of the best drinks you can imagine.

Of course in order to prepare a James Bond Martini you will have to find some various ingredients and utensils. The things you will need are a cocktail strainer, cocktail shaker, shot glass, champagne goblet, a lemon and a lemon peeler.

And to prepare the finished martini you will need the following ingredients: water, ice, Vodka (make sure it is grain-based), Gordons Gin, some Angostura bitters and Lillet Blanc. The Lillet Blanc and the Angostura bitters are used to resemble the taste and aroma of Kina Lillet.

Start by filling the champagne glass with ice and water. Fill of the shaker with crushed cubes of ice. In the cocktail shaker, mix ounce of Lillet Blanc, one dash of the Angostura bitters, one ounce of vodka and of course 3 ounces of Gordons Gin. Close the shaker with the lid and shake it for a couple of seconds so that the mixture becomes icy. Next empty the ice and water of the champagne glass. Take the shaker and using the strainer empty the finished martini into the champagne goblet. The final step is adding a large thin peel of lemon. And by doing all this you have just made yourself a James Bond martini.

You shouldn’t be nave and think that you will be able achieve perfect results from just one try. You may have some trouble finding the ingredients, but this is up to you. This martini isn’t so hard to make and you should be able to do it from a couple of tries.

And this is just about all we can say about the James Bond martini. A little bit of history, a little bit of facts and the entire recipe on how to create an amazing drink that can satisfy all kinds of tastes.

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