The Rate Of Alcohol Abuse In American Military

One of the most alarming statistics come to light about alcohol abuse pertains to users in the military. Sadly, there are now more alcohol abusers in the military than ever before. Despite on-going efforts to curb the problem, the military have been unable to reduce the figures substantially. Reports indicate that military personnel 18 to 25 years have a tendency to drink more than civilians the same age.

The causes of such abusive drinking are not unusual. Stress and tension are listed as the primary factors in cases of military alcoholism as it is in the civilian world. However, the type of stress that the military face a daily basis is unique.

Those in the military are required to be in top physical condition. They undergo training programs that are physically and mentally challenging. This process is designed to make them as strong as possible and ready to take handle whatever situation they find themselves in.

This training places tremendous pressure on the soldiers to perform. As a result, the soldiers may find it hard to find a balance when off duty. It is sometimes difficult to turn off their military training and act accordingly in a civilian atmosphere. This is even more difficult in times of war, when soldiers return home on leave from being in combat.

Female soldiers face additional struggles as they often find they have to get through the training, but also “prove” themselves equal to their male counterparts.

This is a lot of added pressure to an already tension-filled profession. Some female soldiers also experience sexual harassment.

The problem of alcohol abuse among soldiers is one that military officials are trying to combat. It affects not only their health, but also their performance and reduces efficiency.

If a soldier is not 100% they won’t be an asset to the military during times of crisis. In additionally, reports indicate that soldiers who abuse alcohol also have a tendency to abuse their partners and cause problems while working.

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