Some Of The Famous Vegetarian Italian Recipes

[I:]It is easy to find a few fantastic vegetarian Italian restaurants in any part of the world.

The menu has a diverse mix of salads, soups, crusty breads and mouth-watering pizzas. Cheese is utilized generously and Arborio which is the local Italian rice is used in several cuisines.

Italians add life to their food with a variety of herbs, spices and fresh olives primarily cooked in olive oil. Tomatoes are an essential part of every day cooking.

As someone rightly stated, Italian cuisines is the mother of Southern European cuisines.

Italian cuisines also has several variation based on the different regions but they all retain the basic theme and touch of Italian cuisines

Italians love their sauces and you will hardly find a dish that does not use it as an accompaniment.

List of popular culinary sauces

Alfredo: is really a white sauce which is made from butter and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. However these days heavy cream is added to enhance flavor and richness, mainly in U.S. This sauce best complements a dish called fettuccine pasta.

Arrabbiata: in Italian for “angry”, this zesty tomato based sauce is given an extra spicy flavor because of the addition of hot chilli peppers. This sauce best complements any plain pasta recipe, but is best enjoyed with penne pasta.

Bolognese: Also known as ragu alla Bolognese, which translates into a strong meat based sauce from Bologna Northern Italy, the place of its origin. Prepared an assortment of fresh vegetables, herbs and meat (beef) ingredients offers it a distinctive dark shade. Finally some wine, cream and seasoning is added to further concentrate flavors It is usually tossed with pastas or drizzled and served.

Carbonara: originated during the course of the World War II and has 2 distinct versions. One is American (much richer) and second Italian. Made with eggs, cream, Parmesan and bits of bacon, this sauce is cooked with any type of long pasta such as spaghetti, linguini, or fettucini.

Marinara: classic Italian tomato sauce made, which serves as a flexible base for many great Italian dishes. This sauce not only pairs well with pastas, but is also used as a dip for finger foods, topping pizzas, burgers and sandwiches.

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