Madrid Is A City Famous For Its Fantastic Night Clubs And Drinks

If you enjoy going out and having drinks and eating, and listening to DJ’s while you dance the night away, consider visiting this historic town and taking part in their lively traditions.

With close to 34,000 bars located in the Madrid, no wonder Madrid is known as Europe’s “Night Life Capital.” Can you believe that there are this many of them inside one city? You could literally spend nearly a century visiting a different establishment per night without seeing all of them – and by that time, there would obviously be many new ones opened so you’ll really never be able to see them all. This doesn’t matter though, as visiting just a few will give you a taste for what this great city is all about.

It is normal in Madrid to see people out at all hours days and night. It is even considered typical to get caught in traffic at 6 o’clock in the morning. Some locals refer to these people at cats.

Surprisingly enough, children are allowed in different bar and pub establishments. Be sure to always let someone in the restaurant know that there are children present.

The history of this night life is due to the Madrid movement put on by the city’s youth who took to the streets to fight the oppression in the 80’s and King Juan Carlos brought back democracy.

This movement was inspired by local intellectuals like writers and musicians. This was all for the best, as it truly led to the revival of one of the greatest cities in the world, and one in which people from all walks of life now enjoy themselves on a very regular basis. You can too with a quick visit there.

It is common for clubs and bars to be open as late or early if you will, as 6 or 7 am. Some places even have after party hours for those who still want to continue partying into the next day.

In closing, Madrid is full of places to eat, drink, and dance which is what the people of Madrid hold dearest to them. If you have similar interests, then Madrid Spain may be the place for you.

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