The Difficult Work Of Wine Appraising

Wine experts assess the quality and value of a wine through a process called wine appraisal. To the common bystander, wine appraisal might be a simple job where you get paid a lot for simply tasting and sniffing wines but it truly takes a lot more than that. Wine appraisers can discriminate between quality wines from a substandard bottle.

Reviews for wines in magazines are not very trustworthy. They usually do not come from a panel of experts but from novice wine tasters. A novice will have erratic opinions of the same wine finding it delicious today and then a year from now have a totally different opinion of it.

Wine experts, on the other hand, follow a strict and formal procedure when evaluating a wine. They hold numerous taste testing and have long discussions on its merits and qualities.

Much like a jury during a trial, wine experts have to reach a consensus when they appraise a wine. To be an expert means to hold a related degree such as that in viticulture and to have extensive experience in assessing the quality of a wine. Wine experts view wine objectively and with no bias as to its brand.

Wine appraisers are also in high demand by wine collectors. Wine lovers who want to know the current market value of their wine collection hire the services of wine experts to appraise their bottles.

Companies who plan to acquire a vineyard or invest in a wine cellar consult wine appraisers before making an investment. They want to make sure that their investment is worth it.

A bottle of wine is priced based on its qualities as appraised by wine experts. Thus, you could say that wine experts are a driving force behind the price of wine.

If you plan to invest in your own wine collection, it is a good idea to get the opinion of a really good wine appraiser.

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