Vancouver Island Private Land Tours In A Hummer

A lovely oceanfront Victoria Bed and Breakfast, Birds of a Feather, provides land tours all over the region (from trips up island to ferrying to the Gulf Islands or mainland). Land tours can be booked in addition to or separate from accommodations at the B&B. All tours are private, which offers you the unique opportunity to customize your trip.

The land tours use an H3 Hummer, which is a 5 cylinder more environmentally friendly relative of the larger H2. The spacious interior of the H3 comfortably seats 5 adults with room to spare, and the vehicle smoothly transitions from highways to rough back roads.

Land tours are available any time of the year; however it is advisable to book in advance as typically only one tour per week is scheduled. The tours are perfect for two people, though a third person is sometimes permitted. A day of touring for two is $485 with $75 added for a third person. Lunch is included in the cost. The tours do not have a set time but generally last between 5 and 7 hours.

Suggested excursions include a day of touring vineyards and wine tasting, a sight-seeing tour up island to enjoy the gorgeous west coast scenery, a day of island-hopping exploring the Gulf Islands (Salt Spring Island is particularly nice with its many local artisans and its open air market), off-roading day trips in rugged logging regions and other back road areas, real estate tours for those planning a move who wish to familiarize themselves with the area, or coast to coast trips across Vancouver Island to view the beauty of the Juan de Fuca, Haro, and Georgia Straits (255 km route).

The tour is yours to tailor! Whether you select our most popular option – a flexible “tag along with us locals” kind of day where the tour is open to your whims of the moment – or whether you choose a structured itinerary with scheduled destinations, we can organize the tour to meet your objectives. The tour can be whatever you make it; basically, if the hummer can go there, we can take you!

If you are looking for private winery tours in victoria bc or scenic tours on Vancouver Island, our hummer can take you wherever you want to go! Check out this article outlining your options.