Beginners Guide To Cigars

If you are new to smoking cigars, or if you are making a transition from cigarettes to cigars, you may be tempted to do what most individuals may do. You will go down to your local convenient store, pick up a box of low-priced cigars, light it up with an inexpensive gasoline lighter, and inhale the smoke…until you start to cough.

Chances are that you would drop the very idea of smoking a cigar again.

Don’t worry; it’s not the cigar but the brand you picked up. For a completely overwhelming cigar experience don’t compromise on the quality. Take a pick from only the premium brands to understand what the whole fuss on cigar smoking is all about.

Convenience stores produce cigars in bulk add some additives or preservatives. These additives are not natural and spoil the whole fragrance and essence of the cigar.

This is done to extend the life of the cigar. However, it also interferes with the taste and the aroma of the cigar. It is very rare to find a cheap, pleasant-tasting cigar made from 100% tobacco with no external ingredients added.

Premium cigars take care in producing their cigars with unadulterated tobacco in hand rolled leaves. Carefully aged tobacco is acquired only from those places that farm tobacco in perfect weather the whole year to get the best quality tobacco. They rarely have additives in them; if used they have natural additives that help in enhancing the flavor and fragrance of the cigar.

The reason why premium cigars are made so well is because a cigar is made for flavor and aroma. It is not meant to be consumed. In other words, a cigar is made to be pulled and not inhaled. When you pull the smoke in your mouth, you taste it, then release it, all while enjoying the aroma. This is also why you should not light a cigar with anything other than a butane lighter or a wood match. These two options will not give off any fumes or smells that will interfere with the taste of your cigar.

Cigar smoking is an expensive hobby; buy only from a reputed store that has premium brands and would also give you correct advice till you learn the finer details well.

As a beginner, it would be better to start off with a mild great-tasting cigar and gradually move your way up to the more spicy robust flavors. Click the following link for more info on premium mild cigars and cigar accessories such as butane lighters and cigar cutters.

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