Food And Wine Matching Is Suddenly All In Vogue

Boy the rules on how we create wonderful meals has dramatically changed. Now it’s anything goes when it comes to food and wine matching.

In the old days we naturally assumed that a certain dish would be paired with a particular wine.

But that old way of thinking is now being replaced by a notion that a great recipe can be paired with any dish…and that reds do not have to go with one type of recipe only and whites for all others. What’s happening is pure creativity on how we develop these food and wine matchings and I for one think it’s crazy fun.

Take a look at the cable cooking shows and listen as they tell you to think differently with the wines that you pair up with those great meals you’ve created.

There are no rules to food and wine matching. This is an inside job. And that means that if you create a gorgeous pasta dish with a red sauce, there is no reason why a Pinot Grigio isn’t the right wine…if that’s how you think it is paired best.

Wine companies are surely trying to encourage this new way of thinking…and for good reason…becoming the wine company that enables you to be more of yourself with their catalog of wines makes pure sense!

This is win win.

No longer should chicken dishes automatically be paired with a white wine.

And who’s to say that a roast should go with a red?

This is the new way of looking at how much of yourself you put into these dishes. This is you having totally control over your food and wine matching. This is you being able to put your entire fingerprint on the entire meal without being told how to finish it off.

These new rules are absolutely fun.

If you want to see what’s brand new when it comes to food and wine matching, hold onto your apron and your corkscrew…because great things are afoot!

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