Food And Wine Matching: The Rules Have Completely Changed

Let me go right out on a limb and say that I had no idea that food and wine matching was such a passionate practice.

Who was supposed to tell me that all of this was happening with foods and wines?

The simple fact is this…there are a lot, and I mean a lot of people out there that simply love how they pair wines and foods.

And all of this has gotten down to personal taste.

Hey. remember the old days when a spaghetti dish meant it should be paired with a red wine?

Those days are completely over and the wine companies are the ones enabling this crazy new way of thinking. Why indeed should a certain dish automatically be paired with a certain type of wine when really, there are no rules to this that have to be followed! Is this the time to break with centuries worth of tradition to achieve the right food and wine balance?


And isn’t that the absolute fun here?

You now see the cable cooking shows that prepare wonderful recipes and then dare you to pair that up with an unexpected wine.

This is a new world to the old thinkers!

Food and wine matching is now being encouraged to have as much of your fingerprint on it as does your recipe book. The wine companies want you to be daring and bold and they really want you to express how you match your favorite foods with your favorite wines. They want this to be a lot of fun…and you know what…it really should be!

Food and wine matching is now a very daring, very open ended event. let yourself go when you start to dream up a new pairing.

If the old ways are indeed the old ways, let the new ways be all about adventure. Break the mold. Set your own standards.

How you match foods and wines is all about who you are.

There’s suddenly a huge interest in food and wine matching and everyone’s into it! Discover an online contest featuring food and wine matchings here. Unique version for reprint here: {title}.