One Amazing Food And Wine Experience

If you simply marvel at a great food and wine experience, and if pairing great recipes with great wines is something you are truly passionate about, then you need to read each and every word of this article.

Close your eyes and imagine the fun that happens when you join an online contest and you get to show off your best recipes and how they go best with your favorite wines!

And what would you call a contest such as this? You’d call it The Great Taste Challenge.

People from across the United States literally went into their recipe books and decided on what to make.

And this was all done on video camera.

These very personable people showed exactly how they made their dishes on camera.

Then those wonderfully animated people revealed what type of wine they thought complimented that dish best.

There they were, doing the thing that gives them such incredible joy…showing off their talents in the kitchen for their love of the corkscrew!

And these entries this year literally poured in.

What a wonderful way for people to show off one of those things in life that simply brings them so much joy. And who even knew that so many people were this passionate about the pairing of foods and wines? Who really knew that there were so many people out there looking for an excuse to create a food and wine experience?

Then the fun with the voting began.

That’s when these wonderful folks started to harness Twitter and Facebook and Flickr and every other social site they could to get the word out as quickly as they could that their video recipe submission needed the vote. It very quickly became an “American Idol” like atmosphere for voting where people not even associated with the contest started to have real favorites. Total blast.

These people started to tell everyone to go vote for them online so that they would have a shot to win.

What a blast.

But guess what…the Great Taste Challenge is not yet over and is still looking for you to get in on the voting!

Fired up for an truly incredible food and wine experience? The Great Taste Challenge is a food and wine pairing event unlike anything out there. This article, {title} is available for free reprint.