Stubby Holders Impact Consumer Perception

Over time there have been a large number of major changes which have greatly altered the face of the business atmosphere. Typically when these considerable changes occur it has an impact on many of the factors of the business environment as well as the marketing aspect.

Marketing is a business factor that’s under continual changes either responding to advancements in technology or alterations in the customers’ perspective. Most recently the promoting factor has been influenced by both of these elements, helping to reshape the complete idea of a promoting strategy.

The web represents the technological factor that has had the most recent influence on the marketing environment. Virtually overnight customers who used the web now had access to a global marketplace that featured virtually every business in the world on , creating a one stop shop for information and products or service purchase. With this newly developed access to such a large shopping environment the customer perspective began to change.

Originally customers viewed the net as an opportunity to seek out all the products or services they will ever need and then be able to find the best deal. The problem consumers were facing was that when their searches for one product or service created a hundred sites, the idea of price comparison became overwhelming. This is when client perception altered from finding the best deal to finding the best deal from a business that they recognize.

This demand for business recognition has created a new promoting need for business recognition that for many corporations will start with Stubby holders. Stubby holders are a product that’s designed to keep a beverage cold utilizing a neoprene material. When a business places there company logo or brand name on these Stubby holders and then disperse them to their regular and new consumers they are taking the first step necessary to establish business recognition.

One of the best features of Stubby holders are they represent a promotional item that your customers and other individuals actually can utilize. Several businesses hand out pens or small promotional knickknacks however these items are often easily lost and rarely utilized. Stubby holders serve a purpose, to keep a beverage cold, a purpose that you have provided for your clients.

It is necessary to understand the impact Stubby holders will have on promoting your brand. When your clients are in the office enjoying a cool drink because of the promotional item you provided that is now promoting on their desk. When they are at home relaxing with a beverage it will be your Stubby holders that are promoting in your clients home. Even when your consumers go on vacation it’s the Stubby holders that will top the list in travel accessories that function a constant reminder of what your business provides consumers.

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