Red Wines With Foods – Syrah And Shiraz

In Australia and South Africa it is called Shiraz. Everywhere else is Syrah. Same grape, but different wine. Plum and blackberry flavored. Mostly dry red but sometimes wineries make rose too. In France and in the U.S. is very famous chocolate flavored wine. Nice with lamb, veal and beef foods. Suggested for spicy foods as well.

Like many world-popular grapes, Syrah can differ in style depending on the climate, region and wine making techniques. In Californian wineries all of the fruit is carefully hand sorted, and a gravity flow process is used throughout fermentation. In the cellar, they do an extended pre-fermentation cold soak, and then use 5-ton stainless steel fermentors. A typical Californian, the Smoking Loon Syrah. It has inky purple color, with wild strawberry, mocha, and caramel with touches of sage and rosemary. Try it with Teriyaki Beef.

The fifth continent’s sunny and warmer climate’s lead to a higher fruit aroma in Australian Shiraz. Southern regions like Victoria are famous about their Shiraz. A fine wine is a Reserve Shiraz from 2002 with red fruits and anise. They aged it in American and French oak barrels that’s why a gift its vanilla character. We recommend to pair with Pigeon Pie, which meeting with black pepper aroma is a memorable moment.

Mentioned pepper aroma especially comes from hot summer regions, like Washington State. Second best American main region has many vineyards. One of the greatest is is Walla Walla valley. Reininger Winery’s Syrah is a dark color red Syrah. Intense fruits and mineral are in the bottle. As a spicy food Chili Con Carne is a marvelous option for your wine dinner.

As I mentioned about Shiraz, South African winemakers called it in that name. Chenin Blanc is the most famous white and Shiraz the king of the reds. It is rare because in most of the wine countries Cabernet Sauvignon is. Many Shiraz is aged in a mix of French and American oak for half a year. One of the beads of the country is Indaba Shiraz from 2008. This juicy, blackberry, blueberry and dark chocolate flavored wine is great selection for your Lemon Chicken.

It was only a small part of the world of Syrah (Shiraz). Many great tastes are in bottles and glasses. Difficult to choose your favorite. Our short guide showed you some pairing tips for different wines from this great grape. It is a very unique wine for even heavier dinners, but do not forget to consume it on the highest temperature of red wines, 65 F.

Have a fine pairing!

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